Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Meeting in DC

It was a grand expedition to meet Cicada for lunch then go view pandas at the zoo.

Fortunately GuiGrl had inside information and we found a parking spot in a garage directly under the restaurant. Cicada was waiting as we emerged from the subterranean warren. It was a good time, never a scarcity of subjects for conversation or laughter. Thank you Cicada!

I've heard a "bloggers-in-real-life" photo is mandatory for these occasions, so here it is. Cicada has shown her face on the Internet before, but GuiGrl and I will preserve our anonymity. (Plus Cicada's taller than the two of us -- everybody's taller than the two of us.)
The zoo was not a smashing success. I had gone skating on a grape in the produce department of the grocery store a few days before I left on my trip and damaged my right foot, so I was more than a little gimpy. The light was too stark for photography and the pandas, both giant and red, did not pose obligingly.
I did, however, get an excellent photo of the rare and elusive Arachnida holloweenius.

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