Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kittly Byproducts

Today I cleaned the kitchen cat tree. It's one of the girls' favorite hang outs, they love to wrestle on it.

And kick clumps of fur off each other.

Kitsu wants to know if all this is hers.

No, part of it is from Sachi too. The orange, taupe and cream color fur blend to make a bland beige.

I'm thinking about starting to save it. When I get a bushel basket full in a couple of months, I will wash it, pick the detritus from it, card it, spin it and knit it into another cat. Which will, of course, shed more hair, so that I can knit yet another cat in an even shorter time.

Who says perpetual motion isn't possible.

1 comment:

Iron Needles said...

Interesting notions there. I don't know where to start, with the spinning itself, the spinning of a new cat, the perpetual motion theory, or all of the above, which I guess I have accomplished.