Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Meanderings

The Merry Month of May seems not to be a good one for blogging. Fist off, I have to head to Houston (shudder) for the Engineer's annual conference, then my folks usually come for their annual visit. This is a good thing. Mom spends every possible moment at the LDS Family History Center - she's big into genealogy - and Dad and I hang out. Four years ago, I had to do some important Master Gardener stuff on the Saturday of their visit, so the Engineer and Dad did some in-law bonding of the manly sort. They went to Home Depot, bought lumber and hardware and built a picnic table. Then, of course, a virtuous human would be getting the garden into shape... I finally had the vinca jungle pruned, but the vinca, being vinca, is making a comeback. I really should be out there hoeing, but I'm avoiding right now by writing this blog entry. Also avoiding divvying up the daylilies that were dug up along with the vinca. Must do that today as dinner with Kate & KC is planned for tonight, and they are to be the main recipients of the plants. Plain ol' non-hybridized, takes a hammer to kill 'em, ditch lilies. My favorites. I'm avoiding another plant task as well. Iron Needles sent me some iris last fall and I said I would send her some feverfew in exchange. I potted up some small plants and set them aside for the roots to take hold. They got covered with snow. No biggie, I figured, she couldn't plant them until spring anyway.

Unfortunately, I was too slow this spring. When I went looking for them after the last drifts melted, I couldn't find them.


So I asked the Engineer...

He had "cleaned up," all the pots he considered to be junk. Sigh. My own fault for not being quicker. Now I need to pot up some more and let them settle in for shipping to Colorado. First I need to find some more smallish plastic pots to put them in; not an easy task after an Engineer sweep. So, Iron, they are coming, eventually, really, I promise.

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Iron Needles said...

Not to hurry, friend of mine. I am a patient sort! I, too, have married a clean sweeper.

And sometimes it makes me shake my head in wonderment...