Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Is It?

I found this growing in my garden. For the first couple of leaves, I thought it was a watermelon seedling. Then it armed itself with some pretty ferocious thorns. Click here for the big version.

It ain't no watermelon.

But what the heck is it?


Iron Needles said...

I left one just like this grow, while we were off vacationing, thinking it was going to be a celandine poppy, but, became just a prickly and thorny, full grown weed.

It is pulled now.

KC said...

I never know the proper names of things.....I make up my own. This one would be "Fooled me Once!" BTW, I love all the photos you have been posting, especially the rose bouquet. Absolutely gorgeous.

Wunx~ said...

First hint is the flower; it's obviously in the nightshade family.

A little Googleing turned up Solanum rostratum, alias: Buffalo Bur. A particularly nasty native plant that not only bites, but is poisonous when bitten. I got out my old leather garden gloves and pulled that puppy out. Thank goodness it's an annual.

P.S. Thanks KC.

Mrs. Bauman said...

Thanks for posting. I am looking up the identical plant that I also thought was a watermelon at first. I even compared the leaves to my melon leaves. The two are almost identical with the exception of the thorns. Now I am on to look up "Buffalo Bur" just to be certain.

CathleenKeene said...

I live in Big Bear Lake, CA (2 hours north east of LA). I live in the San Bernardino Mtns at 7,500 feet. I have this same plant. It came from a seed packet from Walmart and was supposed to be a "Homestead Tomato." I have a watermelon growing about 4 feet from it (with lots of other tomatoes in between). THIS spiky plant has those same watermelon leaves. The "fruit" looks like a watermelon on close observation. If you ever find out I would love to solve this mystery!