Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making Friends

I was all alone in the cabin one afternoon when I heard noises. Though I got up and walked around, looking for the source, I couldn't figure out what it was. I returned to the dining table and my book, but after a while had a creeping feeling of being watched. Turning my head I saw a chipmunk on top of the drop front desk a few feet from me.

He looked back at me and said, "Tail twitch, whisker wiggle, scamper," and scooted away.

Less that a minute later, he was back, staring at me with bright beady eyes and flicking his tail.

I got up from the table, retrieved my camera and a couple of blueberries, then returned to my seat. I leaned over, put a blueberry on the desk and chirped.

A few seconds later, the chipmunk appeared again and pounced on the blueberry. He nibbled on it a bit before running off to stash it.

I put out another berry and chirped. He came to get it.

By the fourth berry, he came running as soon as he heard me chirp.

I suspect I wasn't the first person to bribe the little guy.

He had a nice grooming, a little nap, then a big stretch and rib scratch before two of the other women staying at the cabin showed up.

He seemed to find that quite exciting and started darting around the cabin floor. I was afraid he was going to run up my leg, so I lifted my feet from the floor and he zoomed off in another direction.

Unfortunately the other two humans did not like him and chased him out with a broom.

Sigh. I know chipmunks chew stuff, but he sure was cute.


KC said...

I'm glad the "girls" weren't there!

bioephemera said...

So cute!

Sorry i have been off the blogosphere for a while - glad to see yours is still active :) Hope you are well!