Thursday, May 15, 2008


Home again from Houston, the sweaty armpit of the country, and darn happy to be back.

Unfortunately I went into PooPooFace-ButtHead mode almost immediately upon arrival. Even more unfortunately, it doesn't seem I'm coming out of it any time soon.

Well, maybe tomorrow.

I'd better, since my Parents are flying in on the 6:35 flight for a visit...

Thanks to those of you who've inquired. Hopefully I will be back on track by about next Tuesday.


Kate said...

The folks are probably used to you acting like a butthead. :))))


Wunx~ said...

First, Kate, imagine a very loud raspberry sound coming at you along with a friendly finger wave - I'll let you guess which finger.

That said, I don't have the chutzpah to act like a heinyhead around my parents. My Mom would pin my ears back so hard and fast they'd be ringing for a month. And my Dad would look sad, which is an even greater motivator for good behavior.