Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mystery of Milkweed

I like milkweed. I don't care that it's a weed. I like it. I also like monarch butterflies; that makes it a win-win liking.

Sometimes I need to pay more attention, though. It's embarrassing to realize that I've recognized milkweed, plant, flower and seedpod, since I was a kid, but have never really considered how the umbel of flowers develops into the seedpod.

Guess that's what a camera's for. Documenting the world's interesting things.
Buds two days ago.
An umbel of flowers today.


Wanderon said...

Ah! but why is it the mystery weed that you call it by, nice photo doc
take care
nuk head!

Kate said...

Lovely photos and it's wonderful that you like milkweed! Our poor Monarchs are suffering because nobody grows this stuff anymore. When we don't grow it, they can't grow babies. :((

I plant some every year with mixed results but I always have a Monarch or two hanging around the gardens.