Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The State of the Garden

The tomato plants in the raised bed are as high as an elephant's eye.
But all the tomatoes are still green.
The Spicy Globe Basil is ready -- I snipped off all the flowers after I took this picture.
Looks like we will actually be having a grape harvest this year.
Two full size peppers - picked one.
And in the 5 gallon pot, Silvery Fir Leaf Tomato, a determinant, has a couple of ripe fruits. I ate them and they were good.


Anonymous said...

Saw your photo's like the butterfly and bee, but you know me.

KC said...

The garden looks great! Sorry I missed Iron Needles. Thanks for thinking of me. Oregon was great but always nice to be home.

Francheska said...

my mother has a garden in the back of the house, she's also hoping to have some tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, beans and pineapple before season ends