Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. Industrious

No, it's not the Engineer. It's the squirrel who lives in my back yard. He got his name a couple of years back when he filled every possible nook and cranny, including the lawnmower grass catcher, with pinecones. I made him a nice little storage shed and chummed it with some nuts. He ate the nuts and kept stuffing his pinecones into the grass catcher.
The house was painted over the last week - a good thing since it had been part yellow and part gray since the remodeling. Mr. Industrious, it turned out, did not like the house painter. The entire time the painter was working on the back of the house, Mr. Industrious was cussing, tail lashing and throwing chunks of pine tree at him.

This is not a new behavior on Mr. I's part, he's been throwing things at the cats for some time now. Don't know if he's ever managed to bonk one on the head, but often he'll keep it up until one of the girls runs up the tree after him.

Maybe that explains why he bombed the painter for so long - the painter didn't climb the tree after Mr. I.

This is what the bottom of the swimming pool looks like.I wonder if Mr Industrious realizes that it's his winter chow he's chucking?


Kate said...

I thought for sure you were posting about the Engineer! He's cute but that little squirrel is cuter! :))

Wunx~ said...

I won't tell the Engineer you said that.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog!!! Your squirrel friend rocks girlfriend!