Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunset Sachi


Robin Thomas said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL kitty :~)

Thanks for our anniversary greetings!

Kate said...

What a beauty queen. Someday I shall have sweet, pretty, cuddly kitties.

PS: We stayed with a gal out in the Portland area who had a cat that is almost - closest I've seen so far - as pretty as Sachi. We should get these kids together! :D

Wunx~ said...

Sachi graciously inclines her head to her fan club - being a cat, she feels fully entitled to a fan club.

Robin - I just hope the Engineer and I do half as good a job as you and Kent have done at being married.

Kate - where the heck are you, anyway, home or roaming?

Iron Needles said...

Next time I am in your vicinity, I hope to meet the princess! Such a pretty lady.

But of course, she knows that.

jan said...

What a lovely girl! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Nice Eye Catch beautiful set of eye's