Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hope For Haiti

I wrote a check, but, somehow, it just didn't feel adequate. I wanted to do something. So I took the small opportunity I was given and signed up for a shift on the phones during the local Red Cross "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon.

We didn't take a lot of pledges, the local telethon was in the hours before the big national television event Friday night, but we did have some response. I talked to a sweet lady who told me she was on a fixed income and could only afford to pledge $10. I told her that hers was the best kind of pledge, one from the heart. She replied, "Make it $15."

Another volunteer received a pledge of $1,000. It was our biggest pledge of the night. I wish he could have seen the celebration when it was recorded.

The most touching donation occurred before I arrived, however.

A homeless man came in off the street and emptied every coin from his pockets.

"They need it more than I do."

Maybe there is hope for Haiti and humanity.

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KC said...

Good job! I get to process those precious donations tomorrow.