Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Very Bad Kitty

It snowed last night. Big time. At 2:00 a.m. as I was getting ready for bed, I got a wild hair and decided to see if I could get a picture of snowflakes in the dark through the kitchen window.

It didn't work at all, so I cracked the back door.

A furry little streak of lightning shot by me at ankle level.

"Free at last, free at last!" she cried. And she wouldn't come back in.

I asked her politely. I rattled her food dish at her. I begged her. I threatened her.

"Don't you hear those coyotes howling up the hill? Don't you know that you'd just be a tasty little midnight snack to them? They'd chomp your bones and floss their teeth on your fur!"

Nothing worked. She laughed at me from under the picnic table.

I finally wadded out into the snow in my jammies, set the cat door on in-only and went to bed to wait.

It was 3:00 before she finally got cold enough to come in and warm her soggy feet on me.

Remind me again why it is I have cats...


Kate said...

Good to see you back in the blogosphere, my dear! Looks like kitty loves the powder as much as the ski bums do.

jan said...

My cat used to try to make a dash for it, but then he had a weekend adventure, came home so tired he slept for most of 3 days and has never tried to escape again. I guess he found out that the great outdoors is not always a 'happy place'!

I am glad your kitty is safe and sound!

Iron Needles said...

Because of the value they add to our lives!

KC said...

Because they are so darn cute, sweet, entertaining, and great company 95% of the time, it is the other 5% that is the problem.....same with dogs.