Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A "Modest Proposal" From State Senator Buttars

Utah is having budgetary problems, but Utah has the elected officials who can solve the state's money woes; quickly, efficiently but, sadly, not tongue in cheek.

State Senator Chris Buttars has a plan. If Utah simply eliminates the 12th grade, it will fix most of the problems with school funding. Any remaining financial gaps can be snugged up by also slicing the unnecessary eleventh grade and school busses. After all, if kids aren't in school or can't get to school, not only will the state need fewer teachers, but classrooms can be closed and the heat and lights turned off creating further savings.

My thought is that someone turned off the heat and lights in Senator Buttars' head long, long ago.

Or perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps this is Senator Buttars' sly methodology for maintaining his electorate.

But will it work?

If, as he says, the only reason for the 12th grade is for the high school seniors to have a year to party, will they be grateful to him for releasing them from the confines of academia, thus voting for him, or will they resent his curtailing their year-long party and vote for his opponent?

At the very least they will lack the education and sophistication to be embarrassed by the man who represents them.

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jan said...

Wow! That story almost encourages me to think that Nevada lawmakers are not as bad as I thought. At least when it comes to their concern about education!