Thursday, February 18, 2010

PC vs Mac

Okay you Macaphiles (and you know who you are -- hell, you're proud of who you are!) Kick a Nerdette when she's down!

Whap! One to the chin!

Crunch! Was that a rib cracking?

Have I ever denied the superiority of your chosen platform?


I ain't dumb. I've worked with both PC and Mac -- and UNIX/LINUX, VAX, Sun, DOS, and even a few mainframes and an early version of CP/M. (Just establishing my nerd credentials here.) I recognise that Macs are more robust and easier to operate; their various generations work better together than PC's. It's also true that they are less prey to viruses and assorted malware, but I suspect a large part of that is because there are fewer of them, thus making them a less tempting target for jackass hackers.


I started out with a PC.



Plus, lo those many years ago, there weren 't as many programs available for the Mac. I wanted a machine I could use both for school and business. Macs were the computers of art, not of science or business.

And it's kinda like getting an SLR camera. Once you buy Canon -- and all the kit and lenses -- you have a built in incentive to stay with Canon instead of stepping over to Nikon. You'd have to buy all new kit and lenses for your all new camera. I'd have to get a whole mess of new programs if I bought a Mac.


That's the bottom line.

(Though if I'm to be totally honest, I have to admit I enjoy tearing the guts out of my machine, the challenge of getting it running again, and the excuse to turn the air blue as I work.)

P.S. Just to add a little icing to the mayhem, my UPS blew up today -- which has nothing to do with Mac vs PC, just to do with my old buddy Murphy. So off to the office supply store I went to fork over another hundred dollars to keep the power flowing. Joy.


Kate said...

Lemmings to the sea, my dear... lemmings to the sea.

Mac owners are the few, the proud, and the ones without lost data.

- your cold-hearted friend and apple stock owner, Kate!

Wunx~ said...

Ah, but some of us don't wimp out and take the easy way, we take the intellectual and visceral challenge of PC ownership and are the geekier for it.

KC said...

My challenge comes from just learning to use a computer whether it is a PC or Mac. The guts are for the geeks that I'm thrilled to know. Hope you're up and running soon.