Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Excuses, excuses...

March is nearly half gone and this is only my second blog entry. Dang! I'd planned to be a more prolific blogger in March than in February (figured more days would give me a leg up on that goal.) I guess I just got thrown off stride with the spring skiers coming.

In addition to The Annual New Year's Skiing House Party, for the last couple of years we have also hosted Spring Skiing in March. Lucked out this year. The weekend they came was the best weekend for skiing of the whole winter, Northern Utah had a cold snap and a wagon load of snow just in time for their enjoyment. They decided to ski high on the hog too: Deer Valley, where the serving lads tote your skis for you and polish your behind if you fall. Not that I've ever experienced any ski resort first hand. I don't ski. I find the thought of strapping two pieces of fiberglass to my feet and hurtling down a mountain at high speed absolutely terrifying. My role during these ski events is support staff. I make the airport runs, keep the living accommodations up to snuff, prepare the food, make reservations for those nights we eat out, etc, etc, etc...

The skiers weren't the disruptive part, not as far as the blogging was concerned. I'm a night time blogger and the skiers tend to collapse in exhaustion after dinner, drinking and maybe a couple of games of cut throat Eucher. Then they get up early in the morning so that they can make first chair on the ski lift. I do not get up with them, I leave them good and nourishing things they can nuke for breakfast -- smoked salmon quiche, home made muffins, breakfast sandwiches, french toast casserole, stuff like that.

This spring, though, just like New Years, the house was (and is and seemingly forever will be) uninhabitable. We are still living in one room (I am typing in the dark with the Engineer snoring like an elephant with colic beside me) with no place to put guests. Okay, I admit, one guy who arrived a day before everyone else got to spend the night on a mattress on the floor of what used to be, and may eventually again be, the dining room. Fortunately Chuck is one of those durable and good natured men whom nothing ruffles, probably why he's been friends with the Engineer and the Engineer's identical twin brother (there's a scary story for another time) for umpteen bizzillion years, despite the twins having tried to kill him several times.

But I'm wandering. This is supposed to be an excuse for not blogging, something a little better than, "The dog ate my homework." So anyway, since the house wasn't livable, I arranged a rental condo in Park City. Three bedrooms, three baths, full kitchen, gas log fireplace, outdoor hot tub, it was pretty cushy. Chuck, of course, ended up sleeping on the sofa. He also got up before dawn two mornings and cooked bacon and eggs for the whole crew. Chuck is a champ.

Anyway (again), the Engineer and I stayed up at the condo with the skiers, but while the skiers were skiing, I traveled down the canyon, back to the house, to take care of the cats and do any necessary errands. But since I do my blogging at night and I was up at the Park City condo nights with no computer, no blogging was done. And since then, I just haven't gotten my you-know-what together until tonight.

And now, since there hasn't been anything the least bit titillating or salacious in this blog entry, here's an entertaining URL:

And if you like the Trunk Monkey commercials, just go back to the home page on the above site and you can find the archive of Trunk Monkey videos.

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