Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fussin' and Cussin'

My computer is almost two years old. It's a good computer, I always get the hairiest chested machine I can afford, but it's getting bogged down with the detritus that accumulates with use. I recently upgraded to Netscape 8 and made the mistake of letting its AdWare destroyer scope out my drives. Now I'm getting weird messages at boot up. Dang!

I just bought myself a new 500 Gig hard drive for a killer price. I have a 21 inch monitor that I've never used (I got it right before the first flood last summer kicked me out of my office and I don't have enough space for it where I'm set up now.) The Engineer gave me a Mac mini,, for Christmas then squirreled it away someplace for safe keeping.

(Okay, here's a little of the fussin' mentioned in the title of this blog: Why does the Engineer hide my presents? It doesn't make sense to me. Christmas a year ago it was a hot little Shimano reel my niece gave me. Have I seen it since Christmas of 2005? Nope. He put it "someplace safe" for me. Same with a set of towels and some flatware from this past Christmas. Safely put away. Will I ever see them again? Who knows. He says when the construction on the house is finished, but at the rate it's going, I'll be lucky to get to play with my presents in the nursing home.)

Now back to the main topic, my computer.

Even though I'm not back in my office yet, and have no idea as to when I might be, I've about come to the point I have to do something drastic with my computer. With all this lovely new hardware I have, I should be in Nerd Nirvana, but I have no space to tear into my machine and rebuild it. I think I'm going to do it anyway.

I'm going to install that honking big hard drive, reformat my existing hard drive, partition them both to suit my fancy and reinstall all my software. Then I'm going to twist my Beloved's arm until he ponies up my Mac mini, dig the KVM switch out from under the bed and have at it.

Why now? The Engineer's headed out of town for a full week, and I prefer to do this when he isn't around. He doesn't like the way I work.

I suppose I've had bad influences throughout my life. When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I would go bowling occasionally. Every time he released the ball, he would begin to cuss. He would continue emitting the blue streak until the ball hit the pins. He said it helped knock them down. Seemed to work pretty well. I also worked for several years for a plumber -- I know 200 words for doo-doo. His guys thought cussin' helped get the job done. Seemed to work for them too.

I do my best work in the evening hours which is when the Engineer wants to be fed and wants attention. He also gets distraught if he hears me cussing away as I work. And since we are currently living in one room, he's gunna hear me, and I sure as heck am gunna be cussing while I reinstall software. He doesn't understand that it's an essential part of putting together a new system. How is the PC to know I'm serious if I don't cuss it severely? Macs, of course, being more user friendly, do not require ferocious cussing, so I will have to watch my language around the new mini. It will be the last component to go on, though, so as long as the KVM switch works as advertised, I shouldn't need to use foul language.
There you have my pre-excuse, my, "Gee, the dog's looking pretty hungry," explanation for my possible silence for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Your brand of funny is very discreet and polished - very civilized. It's kinda neat. You must have a very healthy ego; you don't go for all-out guffaw probably because you don't particularly care whether your readers "get it". I "get it" and I can't be that discreet and civilized to save my life.

Then again I can't be funny either.

Good job.