Monday, September 15, 2008

Off and Away

The Engineer's older brother is very sick. He's been in intensive care for more than three weeks and Friday had major surgery. I'm headed back east tomorrow to hold his wife's hand and lend a shoulder to his daughter. Don't think that he will know I'm there, though there's always hope.

I will come home late Friday, just as the Twin flies in to Michigan. The Engineer isn't going until the following weekend. Both the Engineer and the Twin are (surprise) engineers, so they've decided this provides maximum coverage and the least amount of stress for Brother-the-Wiser's family.

This means that I have been cooking in mass quantities the last couple of days so that the Engineer won't starve while I'm gone. He can't cook his own food from scratch, but he's supremely proud of his nuking abilities. Yesterday I cooked a 4+ pound pork shoulder, a tub of potato salad and a bucket of coleslaw. Today I scrambled up three and a half pounds of ground beef, pork and turkey and made a giant lasagne. I've told him it's his job to figure out how to fit it into the fridge. I don't think he'll suffer any pangs of hunger.

There's just one more thing I have to say:
KC - Thanks for the birthday apron. Did you know that it matches the color of lasagne perfectly? (Good thing with the mess I make when I cook.)

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome! Safe trip and well wishes. KC