Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will This Breathless, Deathless Romance Never Fade

Today's my birthday. The Engineer is out of town -- again. Sunday he went to the grocery store before I woke up and got me grocery store flowers because he knows it drives me nuts. Our local grocery is right next door to a flower shoppe, and I'm absolutely positive that when the flowers are too raggedy for the flower shoppe, they get sent to the grocery and sold at a discount. It was a large, colorful and petal-dropping arrangement.

He also got me a grocery store card.

Classic, eh?

On the inside it says: "I always feel a flush of excitement whenever we're together."

The man really knows how to woo a woman.

And I do my part, moaning and groaning and pretending he's really twisted my tail. It's a strange relationship, but it works for us.

P.S. He's also hidden a present someplace and is sending me scavenger hunt clues via e-mail. I guess with the choice being love him or hit him with a baseball bat, I'll choose loving him.


Iron Needles said...

The card cracks me up.

Happy Birthday to Wunx~!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wunx for the 3rd time. It might be just the charm to insure a great day. I hope so. See you soon. KC