Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Deadly Traps Laid by Friends

I read my friend Kate's High Altitude Gardening blog daily. Tuesday she laid a trap for me. She offered up a recipe for chocolate cookies.


The Engineer is out of town, so there was nothing (other than common sense, which I am especially lacking where chocolate is concerned) to stop me from baking cookies at midnight. So I printed out the recipe, trotted into the kitchen and collected the ingredients.

Six Tablespoons of butter -- hard as a rock. Isn't an emergency like this what microwaves were invented for? Nuke it! Put in the egg and the milk. Pulled my cocoa from the freezer and measured out six tablespoons, dumping them into the bowl.

Realized that I'd used the wrong measuring spoon. I bought some fancy Tupperware measuring spoons a few years ago and inevitably forget that the largest one is not one tablespoon, but rather a tablespoon and a half. Do the math, that's 9 tablespoons of cocoa.

"Oops!" (Not what I actually said, but this blog is rated PG-13.)

No changing my mind since the cocoa had been dumped into the wet ingredients.

Now what?

Tried mixing it all up, but it turned out to be too stiff to mix the sugar and flour into. So I put in another egg. Then it seemed a little slippery, so I put in another quarter cup of flour. Then, feeling what the heck, I poured in some powdered espresso. baked it as per instructions and pulled cookies out of the oven twelve minutes later.

They don't look like Kate's picture, they're considerable thicker and lumpier and probably more cakey in consistency. Next time I'll have to try the recipe as written. Here's my picture. The front ones are baked, the back ones are raw.

So what do you get when a friend lays a trap for you at midnight? Darn tasty bittersweet chocolate cookies. Just what my derriere needs.

Thanks Kate.

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Kate said...

Dear Wunx;
One can never have too much chocolate. :)