Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantastic Footwear

The weather had been lovely for a couple of weeks, sunny and in the upper 60's. It had even hit 70 a couple of times. Not good this early in the spring, especially for a state that depends on snow pack for its summer water like Utah. But it sure felt nice.

Of course it didn't last.

Have you ever notice when you get a sudden cold snap, it feels colder than it would had it been the same temperature all along? I feel it the most in my feet. When I was 14 I frostbit my toes ice fishing, ever since they've been easy to chill and hard to warm back up.

So I like to wear fuzzy slipper socks to keep my toes toasty. That's a bit of a problem around remodel central. The floor is still mostly plywood with old tacks and nails ornamenting it.

I smart girl though. I have devised the perfect footwear for the conditions I live in.

Fuzzy slipper socks and flip flops.

Think I should patent these and make my fortune?

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