Monday, December 31, 2007

Party Cats

We had an early New Year's party last night. After the first few groups of people arrived and it started to get noisy, Kitsu ventured out of the master bedroom where she had been supervising the placement of coats on the bed and ran a quick circuit around the party rooms. She must have liked what she saw, because her tail went up like a fluffy, striped flag and she proceeded to work the room as Official Greeter Cat.

Eventually, Sachi realized that she was missing out on all of the action. She came up from the basement and ensconced herself on the cat tree in the kitchen to hold court. It was a very successful strategy. Everyone who walked by told her what beautiful blue eyes she had.

When the guests left, the cats ran around the house trying to find them. Hoards of admirers seem to tickle their feline fancies. That and I think they've been missing the contractors and construction noise they'd been living with for the last year and a half.

Only problem, in the girls' eyes, was that none of the guests brought a ladder. That would have made it perfect.


Anonymous said...

nice cat :)

Anonymous said...

It was a great party and the girls were perfect greeters. Thanks for inviting us. The food was delicious and it was fun to visit with everyone. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's celebration. It sounds fabulous! KC