Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 - New Year, New Beginnings?

The year is three days old, so this is a little late, but Happy New Year! to everyone.

Didn't spend New Year's Eve at home this time. Last year the house was unlivable, so when the New Year's skiers came, we spent New Year's Eve at a "quaint" bed and breakfast where they served an extravagant dinner and had dancing and midnight blowing of the alpenhorn. The Twin'sWife decided that she would never again spend the first night of the year at my mundane home, but would return again to the Blue Boar Inn. Which is why the annual party was held a couple of days early.

This is who I spent my New Year's with. -->

The best part of the evening was when the band played "Proud Mary." Four men got up to dance together with great enthusiasm and when the music came to the "rolling" part, they got down on the floor and rolled. It was one of those times I really wished for a video camera.

Though I did not get down on the floor and roll, I did stand up and blow a mighty blast on the alpenhorn at midnight.

I made a couple of resolutions.

Wonder if I'll keep them...

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! Loved the Proud Mary link. KC