Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kitty Comes Home

Kitsu spent a rough 24 hours at the veterinary hospital getting x-rays, blood tests, medications, sub-Q fluids and being just generally tortured. The vet is not quite sure what she got into, but Kitsu was one sick little cat lady.

Being an extra very good and brave cat, she survived and has come home. She doesn't yet know about the prescription -- one nasty squirt a day for five days. Baby food instead of cat food.

Kitsu's not yet back to normal, but she looks infinitely better than she did yesterday when she was laying on the floor crying and panting. She's in her favorite evening place, curled between my chest and the keyboard. She did the happy cat march on my left boob until I thought it was going to deflate from a million tiny punctures, but I didn't have the heart to make her stop.

She was purring.

1 comment:

Iron Needles said...

Good for both of you. Have fun with the kitty meds. Tell her it's for her own good. That AlWAYS works.