Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Off and On Vacation

The Engineer is in a traveling for work phase right now. He's just returned from a two week European tour: Edinburgh, London, Moscow, Tyumen (Siberia!) and Amsterdam. He leaves Monday for Kuala Lumpur, is home for three days before heading to Saudi Arabia, then has to go to Venezuela shortly after returning from the middle East. Being a strict adherent to Wunx~'s Law*, I do not travel with him. And besides, he's in business meetings all day and has important business dinners afterwards, so it wouldn't be as if we were spending time together other than sleeping and sitting on airplanes.

As I was scrubbing the sink with stinky cleanser after cleaning up from breakfast this morning, I realized how much work it is having him around.

The two weeks he was gone, I ran the dishwasher once -- right after he left. I ate lots of salads sitting at the kitchen counter watching the news on the kitchen TV instead of fixing formal dinners and putting it all in serving dishes to place on the table. Didn't have to wash pots and pans, serving dishes and utensils, plates and glassware. The dinner time news was about all the TV I watched other than a couple of rented chick flicks. I could sit down and read a book without having to be told what the newscaster (he watches CNN all evening) had just said.

And what is it about men? We watch the local newscast together. The weather liar comes on and gives the five day forecast. Before the forecast starts, the Engineer hushes me (despite the fact I haven't been talking), telling me the weather's coming up and we have to listen. As soon as the forecast is over, he turns to me and tells me the forecast as if I hadn't just heard it.



It's a good thing they're cute.

*Wunx~'s Law: If the journey is longer than the stay, thou shalt not go.

Some of my friend, Jenny's, iris.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until he retires.....he will be home for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I didn't know we owned so many dishes!!!!!KC

Iron Needles said...

Love that iris! And I know me some iris...

Great baby alligator story, too. I don't know baby alligators as much as I know iris, though....