Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking Pictures of Cats

Every morning when, upon arising, I stagger into the bathroom, Sachi comes with me and gives me her best, most sincere flirt. I can practically hear her saying, "Look how cute I am. Don't you love me so? Don't you want to feed your sweet kitty? I love you. Feed me!" And she is adorable - mercenary, yes, but adorable.

The last few mornings, I've been carrying the little camera into the bathroom with me so I could document the flirt. Which means, of course, that she hasn't performed. She's a cat.

This morning, as soon as she saw the camera, she turned around and walked out - again. I figured I'd wait her out. A hungry Sachi is a flirtatious Sachi.

I had a ring on my rump by the time Kitsu took matters into her paws.

She came in, sat down on the shower mat and stared at me. "By the Power of Cat Stare, I command you to feed me!"

When that didn't work, she licked her derriere at me, then took to cleaning her tail. I thought perhaps I could convince her to flirt and started sweet talking.

Obviously I disturbed her important bathing activities.

She finally flopped down for a brief moment. "Okay, I did it. Now let's eat."

As I followed her to the kitchen, Sachi was crouched in the hall waiting, studiously ignoring me.

She gave me a quick flirt as I walked into the kitchen, but ran into the dining room before I could bring the camera to bear. There, while making sure I could see the full glory of her beauty, she ignored me again.

Kitsu voiced her thoughts about the goings on, "Come on, quit fooling around, it's breakfast time!"

Sachi finally succumbed and gave me a flirt. It worked, the girls got their canned cat food.


Kate said...

I want cute kitties! I'm very weary of serial kitties that look and act like grizzly bear cubs!

Wunx~ said...

Mine are serial kitties too, it's just their looks are deceptive. I think your guys are downright handsome.