Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flying On One Wing

and typing with one hand.

Reinjured an old injury, so my left arm is now in a sling and my brain on a painkiller (yay! horray! codeine!) The cats have appointed themselves my nurses. Unfortunately, cat nursing tends to involve climbing all over the afflicted human, shoving cat head into human face and purring loudly. This makes typing just a wee bit challenging. Won't know how long I'll be bound up until the X-rays come back (Monday?), so I shall bid y'all adieu for now.



Wanderon said...

Now! My thinking is how the heck does one with only one wing get the camera out and take a photo of her boo-boo or did she have help ooh! the mystery gets thicker folks

Kate said...

Hey Wunx,

Get your arse in gear and get back to bloggin! Just a friendly nudge from 1 of your loyal fans.