Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WithoutDoubt, the Worst Human Ever

Every once in a while, it does rain in Utah. Three years ago, when we were replacing the roof and all we had up top was studs and plastic, there was a three hour frog strangler. The whole house flooded, the living room ceiling collapsed onto the living room floor. That was one of the biggest "WHA-BOOM!!!" noises I've ever heard in my life. We ended up having to tear out most of the walls and ceilings in the house.

When it started pouring last night as I was out working in the garden, I grabbed up my stuff, tossed it into the shed and shut the shed door on my way into the house. It rained about an inch in half an hour.
This morning I got up and fixed kitty breakfast. No Kitsu. I opened the back door and called. A faint and pitiful meow came to my ears and I realized what I'd done.

Poor cat spent 14 hours locked in the tool shed. She's been Velcro kitty ever since. Velcro kitty with the smell of gasoline from the power tools wafting from her fur.

The Engineer called from London as she snuggled to my breast. She heard his voice on the phone and started telling him all about it, "Meow, wow, yow!" Which I took to mean, "Cruel female humie locked me in the shed! You would never do that."


Let's assuage my guilt with a picture of my yellow rose bush.
Much better.


KC said...

Ummm....didn't this happen before? Maybe she will learn to stay out of there!

Kate said...

I pity your kitty... Couldn't resist. Had to say that. The yellow roses are lovely.