Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Dirt

It snowed a week ago Saturday. Last Saturday it hit 91 degrees. That's Utah.
Filled the raised beds with dirt Sunday. The Engineer tilled the first layer of fill into the very top of the underlying rocklike soil, I mixed the top layer in with the bottom layer using a cultivator, then watered it thoroughly. The soaker hose is partially laid and the tomato cages placed. Tomorrow I hope to begin planting. The two raised beds don't provide a whole lot of space, Each is 12' by 4' making a total of 96 square feet. Back in the day, in North Carolina, I had a rental garden of 25' x 50' -- 1250 square feet. In some ways I guess I've come down in the world.

I've plotted out what I'm going to plant, though.
Can you tell I like tomatoes and beans?

Of course, one always needs beauty in the garden. Kittens and flowers provide generous eye candy.

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