Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Making Progress

A friend of mine looked at the picture of my first raised bed (see April 21st) and said it looked just like a giant cat box.

Geeze, I hope he doesn't give the cats any ideas...

Here's the second box with the Engineer standing beside it.

I'm afraid that at times I can be a manipulative woman. I know my spouse, he's an engineer, with all that implies. I know his weak spots, everything has to be under control and perfect.

Since I couldn't get the whole project done before he got back to town, I left the boxes crooked. After the hoohah about my building them blew over -- I pointed out that I'd told him I was going to do it before he left -- he snapped up my bait and straightened the boxes out and installed the galvanized corner brackets I'd purchased but hadn't used (silly me.) Now he takes pride in his project well done.

Next comes the fill (already hauled, but not installed), the irrigation and the plants.


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