Thursday, May 24, 2007

To Go Or To Stay -or- Wunx~'s Law

The Engineer travels to many exotic destinations for his job. This week he's in China, Beijing to be specific. In June he's going to Bogotá, London, Abu Dhabi and Washington DC. When my friends ask about his travels and I tell them where he is and where he's going they usually say something like, "Ooh, are you going too?"

My answer is, "Wunx~'s Law," which states, "If the journey is longer than the stay, thou shalt not go."

This seems eminently reasonable to me. I can't see spending two days each way cooped up in an airplane for a day and a half on the ground. Factoring in jet lag on both ends, it means I lose a week of my life going someplace I will probably be too fuzzy headed to fully enjoy or even remember. Plus which, his company sends him business class, $13,933, I would have to fly roach, $3,577. And when he gets to where he's going, he's expected to work the whole time, so I'd be on my own. Not bad during the day when I could explore, but I'd at least like a romantic dinner without business talk.

Fortunately, the Engineer is, to quote himself, very durable. He enjoys the international travel and is seldom bothered by jet lag.

So, no, I'm not going.

Unless, of course, he decides to take an extra week there to play tourist with his wife... That I'd do.

And a note to my buddy, GuiGirl: If the DC trip didn't involve going to London, Abu Dhabi, and back to London before hitting DC, I would surely come with him to visit you. Let's plan on next fall, just you and me for an East Coast fall colors photo expedition!

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