Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The cucumbers died. The sugar baby watermelons are thriving.


Danged if I know.

Maybe Utah got 'em. It was in the 90's Sunday, didn't get up to 60 Monday. It was a cold and rainy day. Monday and Tuesday nights dropped close to freezing. Which is way better than my frosty, high-altitude, friend, Kate, got. Her tomatoes met Jack Frost and lost. (Do as she says, not as she does.)

I keep looking for the radish seedlings to pop their little cotyledons up. I don't eat radishes, but they're usually the quickest to sprout and the first sprout is always the most exciting. Here I must hang my head and confess the watermelons and dead cucumbers were transplants. Guess I'd better direct seed the cucumbers now.
Soon. Soon it will be time to celebrate little green leaves uncurling from the soil.

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