Saturday, October 13, 2007

Searching For Content

Sometimes coming up with something to write about can be a challenge. I have a file on my hard drive called "BlogTopicIdeas." Tonight I opened it.
  • The Y chromosome -- Did it June 19, though there's enough material there to write a novel.
  • The joyous teenager with the bouncing bosom -- Hmm, that's people watching like last night's blog.
  • Rock pockets and carbon monoxide -- Don't remember the carbon monoxide part of this thought.
  • Cotton bras and shirt wrinkles Did you ever have one of those "well, duh" epiphanies? --Been there, done that -- March 29
  • Eating weird stuff -- March 25th
  • Katherine Hepburn & Mae West -- February 7 & 8
  • Trying to kill the spouse -- I think I'll save this one for later -- let you wonder just how I tried to off him.
  • Loaning books -- A-ha! I've got a limerick for this one.

If you're ever so dumb as to lend
Your favorite rare book to a friend
He'll move out of town
That dirty low down
And you'll lose book and friend in the end.

Success! I knew that list was a good idea. Better get busy thinking up and writing down some more emergency ideas.

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