Monday, March 3, 2008

Early Anniversary

Thursday the 6th is the Engineer's and my 9th anniversary. Perfectly amazing that he hasn't strangled me and I haven't hit him with my baseball bat. Isn't that the case with anyone you live with, though? I do think he's cute and he's never boring, so I guess I'll keep him. He seems pretty fond of me too.

Since he's going off to Houston next weekend to go to The Rodeo and see Martina McBride with a hot blond (actually, she's non-genetic family, but it gives him a cheap thrill when I say he's going with a hot blond) we went out to brunch today at the Glitretind Restaurant at Stein Ericksen Lodge for an early celebration.

It's not every day we eat at a five star restaurant -- thank goodness, the prices would kill us!

Fortunately it's at a ski resort, so you don't have to dress for brunch. Half the folks there were clomping around in ski boots and bib overall ski pants. Everyone was intent on doing some serious damage to the buffet and their waistlines.

When I visit a spread like that, I don't fill up on bread rolls and salad, I head straight for the expensive protein and out of season fruit. The Engineer was a happy glutton because they had fish in multiple formats. Lox, shrimp, crab claws, muscles, clams, sushi, pickled herring, encrusted halibut, eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon -- he laid waste to all of the seafood. I staged an assault on the prime rib, shrimp and bacon, and surrounded them with raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

I did take one crab claw. I didn't realize it, but the cocktail sauce had migrated to puddle under the crab claw, so when I picked it up to crack it open, I got red sauce all over my fingers.

So I daintily cleaned them off on my napkin and continued with the feast.

Perhaps my parents should have named me Grace. When I stood up, I realized that I had missed my napkin and wiped cocktail sauce all over the white table cloth. At a five star restaurant.

I wonder if the Engineer will ever take me out again...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Given the prices at the Lodge I think you had every right to leave something behind, even by accident. Your food selection and choices sounded wonderful and made me hungry.....guess I'll go eat my oatmeal. Congratulations on 9 years. KC