Thursday, March 6, 2008

Savage Warrior Kitties

BadStrangerCat likes to torment Kitsu by coming up to the dining room sliding glass doors. She stands on her hind legs and shadow boxes at Kitsu. Kitsu understands that this is a dire threat to her territory and herself, so she howls, growls, hisses and puffs up her fur.

If I'm home, the yowling draws my attention. I run out the back door shouting threats, "BadStrangerCat, get out of my yard! I'm gunna tear your ears off if I catch you! I'll kick your fuzzy tail into next week!" etc, etc.

I suspect the neighbors think I'm crazy, but nobody threatens my kitties and gets away with it.

Today Kitsu persuaded me to let her into the greenhouse. Both cats love to sit on the greenhouse chair cushions in the sun on cold days because the greenhouse is on the south side of the house and toasty warm on sunny afternoons.

Sachi heard the sliding glass door open and came running.

Kitsu did not want to share the greenhouse. She stood on her hind legs in front of the door opening and shadow boxed at Sachi. Sachi was totally unimpressed and waltzed right on in to the greenhouse under Kitsu's punching paws.

Kitsu deflated like a punctured balloon. Why didn't shadow boxing make her horrifying like it does BadStrangerCat? Why didn't Sachi understand the depth of the threat?

Poor paper tiger Kitsu, she don't get no respect.

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nameless to protect the innocent said...

we have a strangercat....we call him charley, our half cat,,we feed him, but don't let him in....