Monday, April 14, 2008

He Loves Me

The Engineer and I went to the American Women Geoscientists annual silent auction and wine tasting on Saturday evening. I saw an ammonite necklace that tickled my fancy, so I put the opening bid on it. It was upped a couple of times, so I rebid. I rebid again after a few more uppings. The Engineer wandered by just as my third bid was trumped. I sighed.

He asked, "Do you really like it?"

"Yes," I replied.

So he walked over and bid 50% over the last bid.

He's an engineer through and through, he's not comfortable with human emotion, but he loves me.

I'm more than a little fond of him too.


Anonymous said...

I think he just told you thank you for the ear warmer and I love you all in one gesture. Redemption is sweet! KC
PS Beautiful necklace. Can't wait to see it on our next outing.

Anonymous said...

That is some beautiful necklace!
Those husbands come in handy sometimes :)
Love ya!

Wunx~ said...

I think all three of us have done pretty darn well in the husband department.

Kate said...

It's easy to tell how much he loves you whenever I see the 2 of you together. That's a lovely necklace. Now we need to come up with a plan so you can wear it out dinner!