Sunday, April 5, 2009

High Class Fossil Jewelry

Last April, the Engineer and I went to the American Women Geoscientists Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Scholarship Benefit. (How's that for a mouth full?) The Engineer bought me a beautiful ammonite pendant. I love it.

Last night, we attended the 2009, 20th Anniversary do.
The artist who had made the ammonite pendant had two more necklaces on the tables. one with a geode pendant, very nice, and one with a rusty brown polished stone. But then I saw the fossil I needed for this year.

It was a simple pendant stone with a silver ring and no chain, but something about it called to me, so I wrote the opening bid on the sheet. The Engineer wrote the fifth and final bid, and the fossil was mine. I can hardly wait to wear it.

What kind of fossil is it, you might ask?

A coprolite, cut and polished and ready to shine.

What's a coprolite?

Fossilized poo.

Just wish I knew what kind of a critter had produced it.


Francheska said...

this is beautiful!

Iron Needles said...

It is very pretty...for poo!

KC said...

Very pretty, even if it is poo. I didn't realize poo fossilized.
Beautiful poo is a whole lot better than the stinky poo that I pick up from the "kids" at the park:)