Monday, April 20, 2009

On the Road

This is post coming from Southern Utah -- Red Rock country -- I'm on a photo expedition. The hotel tonight has wireless Internet connectivity and I have my Baby Dell netbook so...

Before I left, the Engineer lent me his favorite travelling woman, Bitch in a Box.

He named her that because she's such a cranky individual.

Tell her where you want to go and she tells you how to get there. Should you stray from her explicit directions, she gets all bent out of shape and announces in a termagant's voice, "Recalculating." She's persistent. She continues to snap, "Recalculating," and tell you were to go until you're back on the straight and narrow.

Sometimes she gets some interesting ideas in her chip. On one particular drive on a new road around a reservoir, she's convinced that the car is travelling over the water. That's what the little car avatar on her screen shows, in any case.

This afternoon, as we were driving along a narrow ridge line with tremendous, steep drop offs of both sides, she announced, "A better route is available."

I knew she thought the car was amphibious, but it seems she thinks it has wings too.

Glad I know it's strictly a land vehicle.

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