Friday, April 10, 2009

Living the Fantasy Life

The Engineer is addicted to television news. From the minute he walks through the door until he goes to bed for the night, at least one TV is always on to the news.

CNN is the network he watches most - partially because I walk out of the room if he turns on Fox News. It's not that I'm trying to deny him his right to watch hyperbiased conservative talking heads. It's because of the rude, rabid, venom spouting rants they indulge in. Even TV people aren't allowed to talk like that in my presence. One does not have to be abusive to those with whom one disagrees. Respect and politeness are necessary lubricants of civilization.

Anyhoo, getting past that little digression...

One of the oft repeated stories of the last couple of days has been of Somali pirates taking the captain of the Maersk Alabama hostage after the Alabama's crew threw them off the ship. A US Navy ship sped to the rescue and is now floating near the lifeboat holding the pirates and their hostage. The Navy is trying to negotiate the captain's release.

After having heard this story seventy-two times, with the same film footage every time, I turned to the Engineer and said, "Well, what's the problem? All they need to do is drop some Navy Seals in scuba gear into the water. The Seals swim underwater to the lifeboat, use their high power laser to cut it in half, grab the captain, slap a breathing mask on him and take him back to their ship. Then they toss out an inflatable dinghy for the pirates and tow them in to jail."

The Engineer gave me an 'uh-huh' look and said, "Sounds reasonable to me." Then he went and hid in the bathroom.

Do you think I've been watching to many action movies?

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Iron Needles said...

wha? Is there a problem to that scenario?