Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Observations

What Not To Have For a Late Dinner:

A bowl of tomato soup and bruschetta left over from last week.

I got home about 9:30 last night after a meeting. The Engineer is out of town, so I turned on the news as I poked around the kitchen for some food. A commercial for grilled cheese and tomato soup came on. Ooh, tomato soup! I always have a couple of cans of Campbell's in the cupboard. Tomato and cream of mushroom are the only canned soups I keep on hand.

A grilled cheese was more than I wanted, but when I looked into the fridge, there was that one slice of bruschetta.

I make it with Le Brea grain bread and those lovely roasted tomatoes in olive oil and spices one can get on the olive bar at the local grocery store. Toast the bread, top it with tomatoes and sprinkle with parmigiana then put under the broiler until the cheese shreds start hopping. Yum! Reheats well in the microwave.

I had that and some cran-apple juice for desert (continuing the red theme) and a sour stomach all night.


The meeting last night was at Diva's Coffee and Cupcakes. It's a great spot to have a meeting as long as it's after 5:00 so you can park in the slots generally reserved for nearby businesses - otherwise, prepare for a hike. The building has been, in the eight+ years I've lived in this neck o' the woods, a flower store & greenhouse, an import gift store, a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, empty for a really long time and, now, Diva's. The part of the building that was originally the greenhouse looks like nothing so much as a gigantic, overturned plastic cup.

(image from Google Streetview)

I'd never been in the greenhouse part before last night. The acoustics were very interesting. My group was on the street side of the dome. There was a group of guys on the back side. I could hear their conversation better than I could hear ours. It sounded like they were sitting immediately behind me - made me jump the first time. Their group was making activity plans just like our group was. I was glad I wasn't with them, however, Golden Corral just isn't my idea of a class restaurant to go to for a group dinner.

Half an Ounce of Sense

I surely hope the cat is declawed, or this guy is going to be neutered before the shower is over.
(Yes, I'm addicted to

Seasonal Weather

April 15th and, once again, it's snowing. Those big fat flakes that look like the snow decided to have a party on the way down.
I'm leaving Friday on a five day photo expedition to the red rock country of southern Utah. This could make it interesting...

The Most Beautiful Blue-eyed Babe In the World
How's that for ending on an up note? (Please note, lovely cat is not out stalking birdies in the snow, she's snuggled up in warm, dry house. Smart kitty.)


KC said...

If I ever get out the paint brushes again that photo of Sachi would look great in oil.

How were the cupcakes? Were they worth the noise?

Snowbrush said...

Small business owners have to be the most rosy-eyed optimists in the world. I'll bet 90% don't make it through their first year.

Great photos.

Wunx~ said...

I was virtuous and did not have a cupcake, that's why the illadvised foray into too much acidic food for dinner.

Bet you have that one right, Snowbrush. Suspect there may be a jinx on the building adding to normal mortaility of small businesses as well. And, thanks.