Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August Is Going To Be Erratic

This is my month for traveling. I'm leaving tomorrow for Michigan to visit relatives and in-laws. Both the Engineer and I grew up in Michigan; we lived across the street from each other in high school. Whenever my Mom baked a pie, he and the Twin would show up on the front porch with big grins of anticipation. In fact, I dated the Twin in high school and the Engineer in college. Before the Engineer and I got married, his Mother asked me if I was sure I was getting the right one... (I've never questioned which one, but sometimes I question my sanity for getting married at all.)

After getting back from Michigan, we have a one day turn around, then leave for Idaho and that famous 100-year-old trapper's cabin. While the cabin does have running water (pumped straight out of the creek beside it - we don't drink it) and electricity, there is no phone service, either land line or cell, so no computer connectivity. I have to go to a full day seminar in Logan, Utah the day after we get back, the next day a friend of mine from North Carolina is coming to stay for a week. She's a good enough friend that even the Engineer hasn't had fits about her coming with the house still unfinished. She will be sleeping in the room that currently houses my computer, so there will be no late night blogging the week she's here.

Anyhoo, those are my pre-excuses for about three weeks of probable silence. I did buy a pretty, pale green notebook with white flower silhouettes on the cover to try to inspire myself to do a little pen and paper blogging for transcription upon my return. We'll have to see how that works out.

As an aside, Sachi isn't the only one who's had a rough time of it lately. Something got hold of Kitsu yesterday and took a patch out of her whisker pad. I suspect some small creature she tried to catch objected. Hope it got away.

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