Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Notes From the Home Front

Kitsu's whisker pad is healing well. No infection at all and the hair is already growing back. I was worried about leaving her alone with her boo-boo, but fortunately the kitty sitter is a vet tech. That does give me a certain feeling of security.

Sachi had a big surprise tonight. Don't know how it happened, but she ended up in the swimming pool. She came wailing up the stairs again (the cat door opens in the basement), with Kitsu trailing her. Every inch of her except the top of her head was soaked. I caught her and used three towels drying her. She did not appreciate it; she growled at me.

Being in the swimming pool must have inspired her to mighty feats of strength. She exited the pool at the deep end, I could tell by the big puddle of water and the broad streak that ended at the cat door.

Her fur is dry now and very fluffy.

Picked a couple of normal sized Armenian cucumbers and another zeppelin when I got home. Those jobbers grow fast!

The Turkish eggplants are starting to color up. I hate eggplant, but they look so cool I had to plant some.

It's amazing how many shapes and colors eggplants come in. They're beautiful plants. Too bad they taste like fiberglass insulation.

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Kate said...

Welcome home. We've missed you.