Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Potties and Pies

Hmm... I seem to be stuck on a poo theme.

I have a friend who's pregnant and due the end of September. She's the one who thought I got my "hoo-hoo" pierced when I went to Koi Piercing Salon. I don't work with her or know her family or other friends, so no shower invites, but that's okay, I'm not real big on giggling and sticking bows on people's heads. I wanted to get her a baby present anyway, so I did.

Perhaps I shouldn't admit it, but when it comes to baby gifts and wedding gifts, I have preferred presents. For weddings, I like to give high quality knives: 1. You can always use a good knife in the kitchen and 2. It's something a man can appreciate too. I always include a penny and a little note to keep it with the knives so they won't cut the person who uses them. (You have your superstitions, I have mine.)

For babies, I give potty chairs.

I know it's going to be a good long time before the unborn needs a potty chair, that's why I give them. Everybody gives the Mom stuff for a newborn. Cute little sleepers, little pieces of pastel flannel cloth I don't know the use of (I've never been brave enough to have a baby myself), baby bath tubs, rattles, bonnets, wee booties. All stuff to use in the first few months of Baby's life. Then Mom and Dad are on their own. Well, down the road, they're sure as heck going to need a potty, so that's what I give 'em.

And, oh, the choices you have these days. It took me a while to decide, there was one with Elmo on it called 1-2-3 Learn With Me Potty Chair, but I couldn't see it as anything but Tinkle Me Elmo.

The one I really wanted, saw it on, was the Peter Potty Toddler Urinal. What a hoot! Nobody in town seems to carry it, though, so I ended up with the Smart Rewards Potty that says hello when baby sits down, congratulates him when he "Makes a deposit," and has real flushing noise and dispenses star stickers. Wowzer!

So I bought it and wrapped it all up in paper with cute little animals on it and a blue bow (It's a Boy!), and went to lunch with my friend. You can tell she's gunna be a Mommy (besides, of course, the bushel basket she's carrying around in front of her), because she went all gah-gah over that silly little toilet.

Chapter 2 -- Pies

I think I'll post that tomorrow. Getting the pies too close to the poo just isn't too appetizing.

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