Friday, August 31, 2007

End of August From the Garden

The pickings are anything but slim. I knew the raised beds would make a difference, but I had no idea how great it would be.The tomato plants are higher than my head (not too hard since I'm all of 5'2".) The eggplant bushes - advertised as "small" - are about four feet tall. The Armenian cucumbers are laying siege to everything. I've given away tons of them.

The grapevine must have been inspired by all of this fecundity because, for the first time that we've lived in this house, it has actually produced some grapes. The bunches are small and the grapes are pea-size, but, oh, are they tasty. I think I will prune it properly this fall and hope for some real production next year. More Armenian cucumbers, patty pan squash, eggplants, assorted tomatoes and grapes.

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