Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home and In Need of a Shower

Packed up our stuff this morning and cleaned the cabin (I had bathroom duty as usual), ate breakfast at the Sourdough Inn, then headed for home. It's a seven hour drive, so it was 6:00 by the time we got back to unload the truck and put stuff away. Then I had to scrounge something from the freezer to defrost to cook for dinner.

Now the Engineer is tucked snug in his bed and I have a couple minutes to sit down in front of the computer (with a purring Sachi wedged between the keyboard and my chest doing the happy cat march) and catch up on a few things. I received a very exciting e-mail from a friend who'd fallen off the face of the earth a couple of years ago. I've got to e- her back and let her know how glad I am she's well.

Then the shower. I really need the shower.

I was good while I was gone, though, and put pencil to paper all four days. I will transcribe those paper blog entries and post them when I have the time. I'll post a few pictures too. But first, the shower.

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