Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bad Cats - Again

I have lived with cats most of my adult life and have developed good cat ears. The Engineer, on the other hand, is close to cat deaf. This can be a very good thing as I can intercept them in activities that would get him all excited. The cats and I operate under that classic old philosophy of "What you don't know can't hurt me."

I hear their meows and know which cat is speaking, I hear the faint clink of a collar tag on porcelain and know that one of them is eating. The creak of the cat door lets me know one is coming or going. They purr from simple happiness and they purr to try to bribe their human to do something (they know her weak spots.) There is the horrible howling they make when BadStrangerCat comes into the yard, the "pay attention to me" squeak and the subtle little scuffle when they're trying to get into something forbidden.

Today I heard that subtle little scuffle. And I heard prey sounds. Oh, do I know prey sounds. I've learned those sounds the hard way. So I ran down to the basement and liberated the robin.

Fortunately Kitsu seems to have a very soft mouth. There was no blood on my hand and it few away brightly and with beauty.
It must be that fledgling time of year again.

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