Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Ugly Truth

I may be a certified, card carrying, dues paying, Master Gardener, but I am certainly not a masterful gardener.

This is what should be my main back garden.

I call it The Vinca Jungle.

I've tried many times to make a dent in it, but all I end up doing is killing another spading fork. This fall I plan to do a repeat performance of the raised bed maneuver. When the Engineer goes out of town on a long trip, I'm going to have someone with power equipment come in and rototill the whole mess. Full steam ahead and damn the irrigation piping!

I want to save the few nice perennials that are currently struggling to survive the vinca's strangle hold. Other than that and the big trees, I'm going to start from scratch.

Which could be interesting as I garden by attrition. This is my latest bed. Hopefully it's going to be daylilies and gerber daisies with annual dusty miller in between.

I can fantasize, can't I?

But I do have my successes.


Kate said...

At least you have a swimming pool....

Wunx~ said...

True, but the Engineer tore out the heater, so it's a darn cold swimming pool. Though with the weather we've been having this summer, it may actually get up to a swimable temperature. You're welcome to jump in any time you want to come down the canyon.