Monday, July 16, 2007

Stand Up For Good Health!

I awoke this morning to the ambrosial smell of bacon frying.

As I sniffed the air and thrashed around trying to get a lung full, Sachi leaped up beside me crying, "Bacon, bacon, feed me bacon!" I sat up coming fully awake to the sad realization that the bacon was not frying in my kitchen. One of the neighbors must have been cooking bacon and the swamp cooler was pulling the scent in.

Bacon is the perfect food. It has salt (and maybe saltpeter), sugar, nitrates, nitrites, real or artificial smoke flavoring and lots and lots of fat. Can you think of anything more perfectly bad for you? Must be why it tastes so good.

Why is it that all of the best tasting things are the worst for you? Why do our palates crave sugar, salt, fat and caffeine instead of flax seed and Brussels sprouts? Thank goodness liver has fallen out of favor as a "for your own good" food for kids.

Of course, one of my favorite food groups has recently received a reprieve.

The scientists and medical professionals are now telling us that chocolate contains antioxidant flavonoids. They're good for your cardiovascular system and help keep you young. Even the National Institute of Health is admitting that chocolate can be good for you. The darker the better.

For the sake of our health, we must eat our daily dose of dark chocolate. Let's spread the word and enlighten our fellow man. I feel so noble.

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