Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Misadventures in Cat Land

Kitsu was kitty on the spot tonight. She was waiting in front of my keyboard for me even before I sat down at the computer. The competition can be fierce; Sachi also likes the position between my chest and the keyboard. They both think they need to do The Happy Cat March on my bosom. Since both have full armament, that can be more than a little uncomfortable depending upon what I'm wearing. But they purr as they march. They know I've never been able to spurn a purring cat.

Sachi is laying a little low tonight, so she's not trying to jam herself into position too. The Engineer was out of town last night and didn't remember to close his bathroom door before he left. Since we're living in one room, he has many of his clothes in cardboard file boxes in his bathroom. He has one full box of socks, a box of underwear, a box of T-shirts and a box of ties. He is especially passionate about his ties. He will only wear ties from Liberty or maybe a Gucci if it's just right.

Unfortunately, I suspect that his ties smell more like him than his underwear or socks because they don't get laundered each time he wears them. Sachi misses him when he's gone and tries to bring warm memories by burrowing into something that smells like him.

The first time she went tie diving, he had the tie box on the top layer of bathroom boxes. She lifted the lid and removed ties one at a time, artistically arranging them on the floor into a cozy nest. We know this because after he got back in town and accused me of messing with his ties, he caught her at it the next morning. From the pitch of the hollering, he seemed to find her tie excavations quite exciting.

Being a clever human, he put the socks box on top of the tie box and closed the door the next couple of times he went out of town.

He forgot the door this time.

Sachi discovered she could push the hand-hold flap in and work her paw into the box. This was probably an even funner way to get ties out of the box because once she'd pulled out all the ties she could reach, she went to work on his socks. She made a very large and cozy nest.

After the yelling and scampering away was done, I suggested he tape over the holes to remove temptation. He snorted and growled at me as he started sorting through his scattered neckwear.

He's a true Y chromosome bearing male. About a half hour later, he called me into the bathroom to see how he'd figured out to foil her. He was taping the hand-hold holes shut with masking tape.

I congratulated him on his brilliant idea.
I'm wicked. I'm looking forward to the excitement when he realizes he should have taped the hand-hold holes closed on all of the boxes.


mila said...

I really love the cat tales! I have two; a siamese (one of the apple-heads, not an extreme) that we brought with us to Chile and one that we adopted after we got our house. My Chilean cat, Athena, is the tiniest thing and is a riot! She is also very clever and has decided that my husband is her "person" and will always manage to get into his things whenever she misses him.

He hates that she always manages to "nest" in his best things. It did not occur to me that it was because these items don't get laundered every time he uses them so his scent would be stronger.

I love learning new things! Ain't technology grand?


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the MAX!!!!!!

Men...are not SUPER DUPER BRIGHT...j/k I figure that's why God PUNISHED Eve by putting men above women on the totem pole!!!!!!!!!