Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What, you might wonder, brought this topic to mind. To be perfectly honest, my underwear.

Aspirations can be a good thing: aspiring to go to a good college can inspire a kid to make straight A's in high school. Aspirations can be a bad thing: aspiring to be rich and powerful can lead a person to lie, cheat and steal.

I used to have four finches:

a female society finch named Amouri,

a male zebra finch named BeepBeepBird,

a female green singing finch named Lovelorn

and a male green singing finch named Frustration.

It was a half sad La Cage aux Folles.

BeepBeep and Amouri were in love, they had a little nest and laid eggs which never hatched because the sweethearts were of different species. Lovelorn adored Frustration. Frustration had the hots for Amouri and totally ignored Lovelorn. Frustration would sit hunched on his perch, his back turned to Lovelorn, and glare at BeepBeep. You could tell by looking that in his birdy heart-of-hearts he aspired to be an eagle. To be an eagle so he could chomp up BeepBeep with one snap of his savage, hooked beak thus winning the heart of the fair Amouri.

Fortunately for BeepBeep and Amouri, Frustration's aspirations never came to fruition. Lovelorn eventually tired of Frustration's attitude and decided life as an old maid was not so bad. Frustration lived his entire life in a state of grumpiness.

The underwear? Well, today I wore a previously comfy old pair, but I guess they must have somehow sneaked a peak at a Victoria's Secret catalogue. They obviously had aspirations to become a thong. Dang undies kept trying to climb up my butt.


nameless to protect the innocent said...

I snorted my coffee when I got to the punch line...

only you could equate finches with creepy drawers....


Wunx~ said...

Almost exactly the same. Both had unrealistic aspirations and came to sad ends. Frustration lived out his days in lonely grumpiness and the undies met the wastebasket.

Kate said...

damn pretty (uncomfortable) undies. :)