Saturday, January 5, 2008


I made two resolutions this year: 1. To try to do what I know I should do. .2. To try not to do what I know I shouldn't do. Kinda covers everything all at once. Note: I only said try, I didn't make any cast in concrete promises.

Why is it that the stuff that's the most fun is usually the stuff you shouldn't be doing? Why does chocolate taste better than celery? Why do I want to stay up late and get up late rather than follow the classically virtuous "early to bed, early to rise" adage? True, I've never particularly lusted after the wealthy part of the results of the early adage, but the healthy and wise are definitely desirable.

Wouldn't it be lovely if lounging on a pile of pillows in bed while reading trashy novels and eating bonbons produced a beautiful bosom? (For the guys, we can substitute drinking beer and watching sports on TV producing a rippling six pack.)

I went looking for "six pack" on Google Images and this is what I found.
Nothing more I can say after that.

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